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We Are In A Mission To Help Helpless

Ardra Darsanam is a charitable trust founded in loving memory of Dr Chandni Mohan, by her family. Her father, Justice V.K.Mohanan as its settlor of the Trust. The ideologies of the Trust are based on Dr Chandni’s vision to support those less fortunate than her. The Trust will support numerous causes such as providing healthcare for those who need it, spreading awareness among the general public of social-economic disparities in our country, and equipping individuals to become medical professionals.

The trust is registered under the Indian Trust Act, with registration number 231/2022 dated 29/12/2022.

Mission with a Vision and Compassion

Driven by long-term vision and compassion, we will help create a brighter future for the youth of India through education, and extend financial and non-financial support for the betterment of society.

The Life of Dr Chandni Mohan


Hug the World

If I should leave you for just a while.
Weep not for long, let me see your smile.

Turn again to life for there's much to do.
Cos now, instead of me, they’ll be turning to you

Lay your hand on their shoulder, guide them forth.
If they stumble, lend them your arm for support.

Lift them so that they can soar through the sky.
Give them not a chance to stop and to sigh.

Hold their wrinkled hands, dust their tired feet.
Their grateful smile will make you complete.

Wrap a blanket around them and rock them to sleep.
Their comfort is what matters in our minds we must keep.

Complete these unfinished tasks of mine.
For they will bring much cheer and solace to thine.

You'll hear then my soft whisper in your ears.
You’re hugging the world for me, my dears.

This is Dr. Chandni Mohan, beloved daughter of Justice V.K. Mohanan and Smt. Geetha U.S., and dearest wife of Dr. Hiran Ramanan. She was a brilliant student, who sailed through school and college with flying colours. Her class teachers and college professors remember her as a student, who was smart, confident and diligent about her studies. Her classmates and friends can never forget her bright infectious smile, her can-do attitude, and her helpful nature. She was a favourite among her uncles, aunts and cousins, who adored her. She shared a strong bond of love and friendship with her husband. Chandni was very protective about her parents - always watchful over their health and well being.

Education and Profession

Chandni began her schooling in St Antony’s Convent English Medium School Kacheripady, Ernakulam and studied here up to Class 4. She then went to St. Antony’s HSS Kacheripady, Ernakulam from Class 5 to 10, completing her 10th SSLC board exams in 2004.

Chandni joined Holy Cross HSS, Cherpunkal, Pala Kottayam District for her higher secondary and completed it in 2006. She then joined Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District, in September 2007 to do her MBBS. As a student, she won the hearts of her professors and classmates with her confidence, good nature, and positivity. She received the ‘Best House Surgeon of the Year Award’ on completing her house surgency in 2013.

After her graduation, Chandni began to prepare for her PG entrance exams. She married Dr. Hiran Ramanan, who was doing his PG course. Chandni qualified for her PG entrance exams and initially joined Government Medical College, Calicut in the Department of Anatomy in 2016. She soon realised that the subject did not give her an opportunity to interact with patients and serve at grass-root levels. She, therefore, discontinued Anatomy and joined her alma mater, Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre in May 2016 for PG Diploma in Ophthalmology. The next two years were very hectic but true to everyone’s expectations, she completed her post-graduation in May 2018, as a full-fledged, committed and efficient doctor. Blessed with a brilliant husband and amazing family, Chandni was able to make time for both studies and health work.

In July 2018, Chandni joined Giridhar Eye Hospital, Kadavanthra, Ernakulam to pursue a DNB course. The three-year course was reduced to two years - up to August 15th, 2020 for Chandni, since she had a diploma in Ophalmology. However, due to extension of course terms, she finally completed the DNB course on August 8th, 2021. It was duirng this period in October 2019 that Chandni had the first inklings of her illness. She bravely went through her first and second rounds of treatment, never giving up on herself.

Chandni had also attempted and qualified for the Public Service Commission exam, securing herself a rank and becoming eligible to work in the Government health service. She was advised by PSC to join service on April 22nd, 2020. Since she was in the middle of her DNB course, she requested for an extension of date until her course was over.

After successfully completing her DNB course, she requested for permission to join the Government health service. On September 22nd 2021, Chandni joined the Government service as Assistant Surgeon, Taluk Hospital/Public Health Centre, Piravom, Ernakulam, Kerala. She was granted special leave from September 23rd, 2021 for her treatment. She rejoined work on January 1st 2022, and requested for another extension of leave from January 3rd to April 2nd, 2022. She then reported for duty and continued in service till July 3rd, 2022, before succumbing to her illness on October 8th, 2022.

Personal Life

They named her Chandni - for she brought light to the darkness in many lives. Loved and admired by family and friends, she was all set for a blazing bright future. Chandni was a philanthropist with a long-term vision and found ways to support the underprivileged with kindness and compassion. Her unique brand of philosophy in all her thoughts and actions was quite remarkable for someone so young. Her helpful nature, keen intellect, and friendly disposition made her popular among her family, friends, and teachers. She made many friends along the way, treating everyone, including her patients with humility and a balanced sensitivity.

After her marriage to Dr. Hiran Ramanan, she easily blended in with her new family, experimenting with cooking and enjoying her new role as wife and daughter-in-law. She loved travelling, visiting new places and trying out different cuisines. Some outstanding qualities of Chandni’s character were her ability to recognize her limitations, her willingness to introspect, and her openness to healthy criticism, always seeking ways to better herself.

She first discovered a suspicious growth in her body in October 2019. She was told it was not benign and immediately understood the challenge ahead. She bravely underwent treatment with the strong support of her husband and parents. She was always cheerful and stayed positive, not wanting her parents to worry too much about her ill health. She spent her treatment period catching up with old friends, jotting down her memories, listening to music, and watching movies. When her beautiful hair started falling out because of her treatment, she went to a salon, got a complete head shave and adopted a new sporty look with a cap. Her husband decided to join his wife by shaving his head too. The duo happily posed for photos in their new look, leaving many wondering if Chandni even had a fateful disease

Although she went through the first phase of her disease with some ease, the second bout of malignancy took a toll on her. But her spirit to fight the disease never failed. She remained cheerful, radiating hope all around, never wanting her parents to brood over her health. Even when she reached the final phase of her disease, she kept her spirits high. She was an only child and was determined to live for her parents with joy, peace, and dignity - holding her head high throughout. She joined an online course in Bharathanatyam, ready to make a stage performance whenever her health permitted. Her never-give-up spirit inspired hope in all her near and dear ones. Despite her pain, she attempted to mend sore relationships among the older family members. Perhaps, she wanted to leave knowing that she had done some good for her family and society at large.

Dr. Chandni Mohan bravely battled cancer for two years before she bid goodbye to the world in October 2022, leaving behind her husband, parents and many people, who benefitted from her acts of kindness. Had she lived longer, she would have devoted her life to serving humanity.

Dr. Chandni leaves behind a beautiful trail of memories that can never be forgotten. Ardra Darsanam, set up in her memory, will endeavour to fulfil her mission to serve humanity with her vision and compassion.

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