Help these talented medical
aspirants achieve their dreams

Help these talented medical
aspirants achieve their dreams

Our Major Causes

Medical Scholarship

Granted to meritious medical students from underprivileged communities, who secured admission to medical colleges affiliated to the Kerala University of Health Sciences.

Trust Award

Given to the student who secures first rank in Post Graduation Degree exam in Ophthalmology, conducted by the Kerala University of Health Sciences.

Financial Aid

Extend financial aid to medical students from underprivileged backgrounds, to support their curriculum

Why we started

Ardra Darsanam

Dr. Chandni Mohan was a synonym to alacrity. Born to Justice V.K.Mohanan and Smt. Geetha on 1st December, 1988, she was a bundle of energy, bright and up with sparkling eyes. Her parents wove their world around her and she was the best thing to happen to them in their life. She was their only child. Her upbringing shaped her to be a humane, compassionate person since her parents prioritized her growth as a complete individual. She was adored by everyone in her family. She was ‘ Chinnu’ to everyone. She loved nature and was socially committed. She proved capable of socializing with self-confidence and elegance with personalities from diverse backgrounds, ranging those from the elite to the street vendors. She actively participated in extracurricular activities including literary events. Chandni was an outstanding student, who won the hearts of her teachers and classmates alike at St. Anthony's Higher Secondary School and Pala Cherpunkal Holy Cross Higher Secondary School.

Chandni’s ambition was to serve the society as a doctor. After schooling, she passed the medical entrance examination and got admission for MBBS at Pushpagiri Medical College. She completed her undergraduation in flying colours and passed out bagging the 'Best House Surgeon Award'. Dr. Hiran Ramanan came to her life who encouraged her for all what she loved. She continued studies with more enthusiasm and acquired a Post Graduate Diploma in Ophthalmology and continued DNB studies.

It was during this time that Chandni was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent treatment accordingly. Chandni confronted her life situations with equanimity and extraordinary fortitude.Meanwhile, she got appointed through PSC as Assistant surgeon in publichealth department. Despite going through tough treatment procedures and regimens, Dr. Chandni discharged her professional duties sincerely and diligently.

She smiled though the rollercoaster ride in her life. Life was unfair to her but she faced all odds with an unprompted smile and also imparted courage to her dearest ones.

Trust Ardradarshanam is set up to continue her aspersions and intends to take up virtuous initiatives and activities towards healthy social progress. They include:

• Promotion of excellence in medical education
• Awards for professionals for better performance and provision of financial assistance to students, in the realm of medical education
• A helping hand to the marginalized communities
• Knowledge sharing and sensitization activities in the field of health and emergency services
• Medical camps
• Assistance such as rehabilitation, treatment to geriatric/physically and mentally challenged/dementia sufferers and patients
• Providing Medical aid and testing facilities to the needy
• ArdraDarsanam envisages several such initiatives.

Dr. Chandni will ever be remembered for her dynamic personality studded with love, empathy, compassion and courage

The cost of medical education is very expensive compared to other professional courses in India. Many aspiring medical students drop out of medical school, due to the lack of money. They come from economically and socially backward families, who neither have the means or knowledge to support their children’s higher studies.

Ardara Darshanam plans to raise funds from individuals, corporates, and institutions to help medical students belonging to marginalised/downtrodden sections of our society and equip them to become medical and health professionals.

More Details

Dr. Chandni In Whose Memory The Trust Is Set Up

Ardra Darsanam was founded by Dr. Chandni's family consisting of her father, Justice V.K. Mohanan, her mother, Smt. Geetha U.S and her husband, Dr. Hiran Ramanan, in her memory. An epitome of kindness, Dr Chandni was a philanthropist, who endeavoured to help those less fortunate than herself, with compassion and long-term vision. The Trust is named after these two special qualities of hers. Ardra Darsanam means ‘Compassion with a Vision’.

We invite you to join Chandni and her family in our journey to extend financial aid to students from all walks of life. Let’s uplift them through education and pave a bright way for their future